from 24.12.2021

Roman Golovchenko honors distinguished Belarusians

Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko has presented state awards to more than 50 Belarusians representing various fields of expertise. The ceremony took place at the Palace of the Republic on 24 December.

“Today, in the run-up to the New Year, I am happy to fulfill the President's instruction to celebrate the country's best workers. You are a living example of the role each person can play in strengthening the country, building up its manufacturing, cultural and human potential. Your dedication to achieving the development goals of your teams, organizations and our Motherland as a whole deserves deep respect,” Roman Golovchenko said.

The Palace of the Republic brought together representatives of various professions. “The awardees traditionally include healthcare workers. You know the value of human life like no one else and you are at the forefront of protecting public health," he stressed.

Representatives of the petrochemical and energy industries, statistics and the tax services were honored in the ceremony too.

Commendation letters were given to representatives of the construction and manufacturing industries and scientists.

The state awards were also presented to representatives of education and culture. "Your services to national art, spiritual and aesthetic education of our citizens are, without exaggeration, enormous. I am sure that our Motherland will continue to benefit from your outstanding professional qualities, which are celebrated today, your energy and responsibility," the Prime Minister said.

"A state award is always a token of recognition of services and high trust. Be proud of it. Be an example to others and, most importantly, always strive for more," the head of Government said.

Roman Golovchenko wished all the awardees health and further successes for the benefit of the country.

Photo: BelTA


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus