from 09.06.2022

Roman Golovchenko: Belarus ready to ship more equipment, vehicles to Russia's Kursk Oblast

Belarus is ready to increase deliveries of equipment, machines, and vehicles to Kursk Oblast. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the statement as he met with Governor of Russia's Kursk Oblast Roman Starovoit.

Roman Golovchenko said: “Representatives of Russian regions have been intensively visiting Belarus recently and we are very glad about it. Trade with Kursk Oblast grows steadily, including this year. It is groundwork for the future but our potential is much higher. Besides, external circumstances push us towards developing it. I am convinced that your delegation's visit will provide the nudge that will advance trade and economic cooperation to new heights.”

Roman Golovchenko stressed that in the current conditions it is important to put efforts into manufacturing cooperation projects and import substitution. “Belarus is an industrially developed country, this is why we always start with interaction in the manufacturing sector and with manufacturing cooperation. You've managed to visit several leading Belarusian enterprises. We hope that you've taken certain notes and we will be able to ship more products in demand to your region. We hope that Belarusian manufacturers will find their place in your electric transport development program, too,” the Prime Minister noted.

Civil engineering is another important avenue. “There is some potential in this sphere. Everything depends on your readiness to use Belarusian housing construction organizations,” Roman Golovchenko pointed out. The Belarusian side is ready to participate in repairs of roads and structures and supply road construction and maintenance machines.

Cooperation in agribusiness also looks promising. The Kursk Oblast delegation visited the international agricultural expo Belagro where Belarus' potential in this sphere is represented. “It is a two-way road. You saw what we can do. In turn, we are ready to employ accomplishments and experience of Kursk Oblast,” Roman Golovchenko said.

The Prime Minister concluded: “We've attentively examined the strategy on Kursk Oblast's development till 2030. You've set out to achieve ambitious goals. We are ready to contribute to this good deed as best as we can.”

In 2021 Belarus' export to Kursk Oblast amounted to $97.7 million, 9.4% up from 2020. Top Belarusian exports included special products, central heating boilers, boards, sheets, plastic films, synthetic yarns, waste products made by extracting vegetable oils, insecticides, and herbicides.

Photo: BelTA


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