from 22.09.2015

Andrei Kobyakov chairs a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers

Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov requires to take into account the shortcomings that were identified during the preparation for the heating season of past years. He said this today at a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers, which explains how to prepare for the autumn-winter period of 2015-2016 years.

As the head of the Government said, this question - seasonal, but its importance is not diminished by this, the need for its consideration is obvious. According to him, there is no need to say that winter will come, and it should be ready, that every year we hold some events. However, there are shortcomings, they are fixed. Unfortunately, many of them are repeated from year to year.

Deputy Economy Minister Alexander Yaroshenko in his report stated that preparations for the autumn-winter period of 2015-2016 years in general carried out in time. According to him, September 15 Gosenergonadzor authorities registered 19 thousand. 870 passports ready consumers, accounting for about 72% of the total, and 7 thousand. 757 passports ready heat sources, or 62.5% of the total. Almost completed passports ready in the Gomel region.

As noted during the meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers, in the whole country, there are necessary fuel reserves. The Department of Energy with the participation of state bodies, regional executive committees and Minsk city executive committee developed options for heating and modes of supply of the national economy and population in the autumn-winter period 2015-2016 years in the conditions of a possible reduction of energy supplies to the republic, and in cases of possible emergencies and sudden cold spells.


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus