from 08.12.2015

Andrei Kobyakov honored distinguished Belarusians with state awards

On behalf of the head of state, Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov honored distinguished Belarusians with state awards.

"On behalf of Belarus President of Alexander Lukashenko, I would like to present honorary state awards to the best representatives of labor collectives of our country. These awards are an acknowledgement of your many-year fruitful work, high professionalism, professional excellence,” said Andrei Kobyakov.

The head of government stressed that the head of state pays special attention to the country’s food security. Therefore, agricultural workers make the largest group of the awardees. "I would like to note with pleasure that more than 1,000 dairy farms have been built or upgraded for the past five years. Food products have become an important export item of the country. In the last five years along food export has totaled $25 billion. New markets are being explored,” said Andrei Kobyakov.

Among the award recipients are representatives of the petrochemical and gas industries which provide the country with high-quality petroleum products and necessary energy.

The healthcare workers are among the awardees too. "Belarus occupies the leading positions not only among the CIS countries. The country already provides the European-quality healthcare as confirmed by the authoritative international experts from the World Health Organization and the world rankings," stated the Prime Minister.

He expressed special gratitude to a group of awardees for a considerable contribution to the creation and development of the Eurasian Economic Union. “In this hall today there are representatives of the customs and tax bodies, people who are on guard on the economic security of our country,” the PM said.

Andrei Kobyakov also showed his gratitude to scientists and teachers. “You make a significant contribution to the development of science, the establishment of the innovative economy, the economy of knowledge, and the professional training of the rising generation,” Andrei Kobyakov noted.

State awards were also bestowed upon a big group of forestry workers. “Forest is Belarus’ most important national asset. The efficient use of this resource is the country’s number one task,” the Prime Minister said.

The contribution of painters to the evolvement of the national art, spiritual and esthetic education of the people was also praised at the ceremony. “You represent a hardworking and stable Belarus and confirm with your personal example that only conscientious work can guarantee the prosperity of our Fatherland and wellbeing of every person,” Andrei Kobyakov said.​


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus