from 24.03.2016

Andrei Kobyakov met with the Governor of Orel region VadimPotomskiy

Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov on March 24 met with a delegation from Oryol oblast of the Russian Federation headed by the Governor VadimPotomskiy.

The parties discussed topical issues of bilateral cooperation.

The government of Belarus hopes that the current visit of the delegation of the Oryol region headed by the Governor will serve as a new starting point in the development of relations with the Republic of Belarus, noted Andrei Kobyakov.

According to him, the parties have the opportunities to expand trade and economic ties, increase bilateral trade. "We appreciate the level of cooperation with the region, but we very much hope that as a result of ongoing negotiations we will substantially add, - continued the Head of Government. – We were with you peak volumes in trade and economic relations. Most recently, in 2014, turnover was about 200 million.USA. In the past year we have slightly weakened the results of our operations. We expect that these peaks in trade turnover will reach and surpass in the near future. There are all necessary".

Andrei Kobyakov suggested discussing the possibility of expanding supplies in the Oryol region of Belarusian equipment for passengers and cargo, including career, as well as forestry and road-building. "We have successfully traded in all types of such equipment and hope that there will be able to add". Belarus is also ready to put in the Oryol region the technique of gas engine.

"We know that you are interested in public transport. We have the entire line, including buses of various class and capacity, trolleybuses, trams. You seriously look up to the most modern high-speed Traumeel," added the Prime Minister.

He also said that future cooperation of the Oryol region in the field of lifts. Belarus is interested in increasing the supply of Elevator equipment for construction of new housing, and also within the programs for modernization and replacement of elevators in the Oryol region.

Besides, Belarus is interested in attracting Belarusian specialists in the design and construction of facilities in the Oryol region, including residential houses. "We have the ability to offer good projects, good services in the construction, we have good building materials to fully maintain everything required in residential construction on a different level, different class."

Special attention is paid to the expansion of partnership in agriculture, including supplies of Belarusian agricultural machinery in the Orel region.

Belarus also considers perspective development of cooperation of the Oryol region in the field of science, education and culture.

"Today, we've got to have a substantive conversation. We are ready to answer all your questions. If you have suggestions for refinement of the program, its expansion, if you want to look at some other objects, we are ready to respond," concluded Andrei Kobyakov.

In turn, the Governor of the Oryol region VadimPotomsky thanked the Government for the warm reception and offered to discuss a series of questions to identify specific areas of bilateral cooperation.

Following the talks, an Agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of Oryol oblast on trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation.


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus