from 04.04.2016

"Gomelsteklo" and German Schollglas has signed a contract for the export of glass

JSC "Gomelsteklo" April 4 signed an agreement on the export of glass with one of the largest sellers and processors of glass in Europe – company Schollglas GmbH (Germany). The signing ceremony was held with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin.

From the Belarusian side the agreement was signed by General Director of JSC "Gomelsteklo" Ivan Proturo, with German – the owner of the Schollglas Gunther Weidemann.

The document provides for the export of glass produced by JSC "Gomelglass" on the markets of Poland and Germany, with the increase in shipments to 8.5 million sq. m.

JSC "Gomelsteklo" cooperates with Schollglas from 2014. Further development of the bilateral partnership will allow JSC "Gomelsteklo" to strengthen the export potential and expand markets.

Anatoly Kalinin noted that the document – "this is the beginning of greater cooperation Belarusian enterprises with the German company". "I think we will find soon a number of mutually beneficial joint proposals to further integrate our production with your company, - said Deputy Prime Minister. – We are ready to discuss this topic, if there are offers". The Deputy Head of the Government added that Belarus has great experience in the field of production of float glass, the demand for which is increasing. In this business the Belarusian company with a German partner can double the position and to expand its presence in European and Asian markets, he said.

"The Government's decision the Ministry has been given the authority to negotiate on further integration in the field of industrial glass processing - continued Anatoly Kalinin. – Depending on how much you can dynamically move, to take decisions, including on joint production or purchase of shares, we can discuss these issues".

In turn, Gunther Wagemann expressed confidence that the two sides have great potential and opportunities to strengthen partnership. "There are a lot of reserves. We firmly believe that the current level of turnover can be increased even further. If all goes according to plan, we will reach over 17 million euros this year. And if it starts to produce new types of glass, we will pass 20 million euros, but this is not a border," he said.

In an interview Gunther Weidemann explained that "today we signed an exclusive agreement for the supply of flat glass in Germany and Poland". "We hope that by conclusion of this agreement it will be possible to develop markets, which delivered glass sheet, and thereby pave the way for delivery of other products, he explained. - Belarusian glass is now used mainly for the production of glass and for the production of glass for the furniture industry. We are now looking for ways to Gomelsteklo to produce other products and develop their production."

In turn, the Minister of architecture and construction Anatoly Chernov informed that in the framework of the signed contract volume of deliveries this year will also be 8.5 million sqm of glass. "This is a contract for 17 million euros, but in the long term given the fact that we are nearing completion of modernization of the JSC "Gomelsteklo" and for the last six months we should start producing energy-efficient glass, we are considering the possibility of increasing the supply for this pin up to 20 million euros, he explained. – If to consider that in this year we must sell for export some 30 million sqm of glass and earn 55 million Euro, we see that a significant portion of this will fall on Schollglas".

The two sides are working on the issue of expanding the interaction, in particular, on the organization of industrial processing of glass at JSC "Gomelglass".

Responding to a question, discussed the possibility of selling part of the shares of JSC "Gomelsteklo" to the German company, the Minister stressed that now it is not considered. "We're talking about joint ventures that you can go with the investments, to release new products with added value", he explained.


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus