from 12.04.2016

Andrei Kobyakov held a session of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers

The session of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers chaired by Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov took place on April 12.

The meeting discussed the issue of development of roadside service.

Opening the session, Andrei Kobyakov drew attention to the fact that the development of services, including roadside service is one of the priorities for improving transit and tourist potential of Belarus.

Located at the intersection of international transport corridors West – East and North-South, Belarus has an extensive network of roads that are actively used both Belarusian and foreign users. Along with the formation of conditions for fast and comfortable movement on roads of the country's most important task is to provide their users the necessary range of related services.

"High quality and affordable service roadside service - hotels, service stations, petrol stations, catering, trade and other facilities is not only an economic component - the export of services, but also the image of the country", - said the Prime Minister.

He reminded that in Belarus, the normative-legal base aimed at ensuring conditions for the development of existing and construction of new roadside service facilities along the roads. The state bodies, carrying out coordination work in the field of roadside service – the transport Ministry and regional Executive committees.

"Each year the country are introduced after the construction and reconstruction of objects of roadside service that allows you to create new jobs and expand the range of services," said Andrei Kobyakov. The pace of construction of new facilities has not decreased, and active participation in the process are foreign investors. Only on national highways at present there are more than 1,700 different objects.

The head of Government proposed to discuss the quality of their work.
"Today at the session of the Presidium is necessary to objectively assess the state of Affairs with roadside service, primarily from the point of view of quality of services provided, they meet the needs of road users, he said. - It is necessary to determine whether all is being done for a proper function and development of roadside service, to identify the existing problematic issues and ways of their solution".

As recalled in his report to the Minister of transport and communications Anatoly Sivak, Belarus adopted by the General scheme of development of roadside service on Republican highways up to 2020. "The scheme agreed with regional Executive committees, the state property Committee and developed, including to prevent the placement of new roadside service facilities on agricultural land", - he said. In the General scheme of the specified objects correlate with the plan of entering the gas station approved in the program of development of a network of petrol stations in Belarus in 2016 -2020 years.

Only on national roads is in the process of building 90 objects, 224 - designed and 475 of various facilities offered to the investors for construction.

Currently, on the national highways there are 378 operates gas stations, 159 gas points, 70 hotels, 40 car washes, 88 protected sites, 402 trade item, 533 item of public power, 77 points of assistance.

Since 2010, funded from the national budget allocated to the road sector, the enterprises-owners of national roads were constructed at the international transportation corridors 19 objects of the first level. Two more platforms will appear on the motorways M5 Minsk-Gomel, and M6 Minsk-Grodno.

In 2015 on the national highways imposed after the construction and reconstruction of 17 petrol stations, 2 gas-filling point at the gas station, 48 power points.

"The security service facilities of national highways by the average distance between objects of one kind is for the gas station – 42 km, power points – 30 km, which complies with the recommended distance, according to the General scheme of development of roadside service", - said Anatoly Sivak. According to him, retail trade of roadside service in 2015 decreased slightly compared to 2014 year – on-year by 16%. "As for the paid services, rendered to legal entities and individuals via roadside service facilities, their volume in 2015 compared with 2014 increased by 15.4 per cent," he said.

According to the Minister, it is necessary to pay more attention to the quality of services provided by roadside service. "Today it is necessary to improve the quality and expand the list of related provide on the road services and ensure their complexity depending on the level of objects", - he said.

In an interview Anatoly Sivak said that by 2020 Belarus plans to build more than 470 roadside service. "We have adopted the General scheme of development of roadside service on Republican highways. There are places that can be built or another roadside service, - he reminded. - The main task – implementation of orders given by the President that were not agricultural land, roadside service was located closer to settlements that are more economically profitable".


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus