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Official visit of Andrei Kobyakov to Moldova

Belarus Prime-minister Andrei Kobyakov paid on 2-3 October 2016 an official visit to Moldova. He met  the leadership of Moldova, attended the Center for Belarus culture opening and visited Chisinau trolley-bus assembly center of MC Electric Transport Company. Also, during the Belarus prime minister’s visit in Chisinau, the joint intergovernmental commission for economic cooperation held a meeting, together with performing the Moldovan-Belarus economic forum.

On 2 October the Belarus Prime Minister had a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister Pavel Filip, followed by an enlarged meeting of the Moldovan and Belarusian delegations.
The sides tackled subjects on the entire framework of the Moldovan-Belarusian cooperation in the political, economic, social and cultural sectors.
Pavel Filip emphasized the constructive and open character of the Moldova-Belarus dialogue, expressing confidence that there was a great potential to boost the bilateral ties. ‘’The present visit is an extra proof of the good relations between our countries. Belarus is not just a partner of Moldova, but also a good friend,’’ Pavel Filip said. The Moldovan Prime Minister welcomed the organization of the 17th meeting of the joint inter-governmental commission for trade and economic cooperation, due in Chisinau today. Pavel Filip noted that this was a good platform of dialogue to identify the best solutions to common problems and adopt mutually advantageous decisions.
For his part, the Belarus Prime Minister said the bilateral visits by the heads of state had raised the cooperation relations and trust between Belarus and Moldova to a qualitatively new level. ‘’The friendly atmosphere of the bilateral dialogue at all levels allows us discussing constructively and adopt mutually advantageous decisions on the whole spectrum of topics. The main subject of the today discussions is to identify points of growth of the economic cooperation,’’ the Belarusian prime minister said, stressing that there were positive pre-requisites to this end. Andrei Kobyakov specified that, in the first seven months of 2016, the trade exchanges had increased by ten per cent against the last year, amounting to 150 million dollars. 
The sides paid special attention to possibilities to create joint ventures and encourage reciprocal investments in diverse fields. The officials made proposals of cooperation in the agro-food sector, in the pharmaceutical, seeds production, as well as the wine-making areas.
Also, the sides referred to the importance to foster the cultural ties. In this context, the official highlighted that the opening of the Belarusian culture centre in Chisinau would help turn to good account the potential in this sector.
On the National Wine Day, Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobeacov visited the Castle Mimi, which was opened to the public.
The two premiers talked to the building’s administration about the restoration process of the castle and exchanged opinions about projects under implementation that are meant to modernize more areas near the castle. Also, the officials visited underground galleries and were informed about the process of wine production. At the same time, they admired folk dances.
Pavel Filip said boosting the Moldovan-Belarusian relations in the economic sector was important, and Andrei Kobeacov's current visit was an additional proof of good relations between Belarus and Moldova.
For his part, Andrei Kobeacov underlined the need to boost the commercial cooperation and pointed out the main goal of identifying points for developing economic cooperation between Moldova and Belarus.
The Castle Mimi is an architectural monument of national importance, located in Bulboaca village, Anenii Noi district, which was inaugurated on 17 September 2016, as a result of largest restoration works. It is nominated in the top 15 architectural masterpieces in the world of wine and won the grand prize in the wine sector on the eve of the National Wine Day.

At the second day of the visit Belarus Prime-minister took part at the Moldovan-Belarusian Business Forum which opened in Chisinau on 3 October. Belarus-Moldova business partnership is reaching a new level, Belarus’ Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov said when speaking at the Forum.

“The arrival of a large business delegation of our country to Moldova is a sign of our business partnership reaching a new level,” Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov said.

He noted that the relations between Belarus and Moldova have been traditionally developing in a spirit of mutual cooperation. In recent years the countries have intensified the dialogue at the highest level. It is supported by the constructive intergovernmental dialogue. Belarus and Moldova have signed over 60 treaties in various fields. Business entities operate in the conditions of free trade without exceptions and restrictions.

Belarus is consistently among the top ten trading and economic partners of Moldova and annually consumes about 25% of the Moldovan export of wine and 10% of that of fruits and vegetables. In turn, Belarusian goods are widely represented in Moldova: these are tractors, trolleybuses, petrochemicals, medicine, food and many more.

“We have achieved good practical results in the development of industrial cooperation. We have a wide portfolio of projects to assemble Belarusian trolleybuses and garden/vineyard tractors in Moldova. In 2015 we launched another project to assemble small and medium-sized tractors in Gagauzia,” Andrei Kobyakov said. “This year we started assembling Belkommunmash wireless trolleybuses in Chisinau and bottling Cricova sparkling wines in Minsk. We hope that this work will be continued, especially since the industrial cooperation is promoted by the governments of the two countries,” he noted.

This year, despite the difficult situation in the region and the world, bilateral trade, according to Andrei Kobyakov, inspires some optimism. Thus, in January-July 2016 the bilateral trade went up by almost 10% as against the same period a year earlier and amounted to nearly $150 million. “We want to build on this trend,” the Prime Minister said.

“We hope that the business communities will continue to find new avenues of interaction in order to take advantage of mutually beneficial trade regime in the Eurasian Economic Union and Moldova's trade preferences with the European Union. The Government of Belarus is open to your suggestions and is ready to support promising endeavors,” Andrei Kobyakov emphasized.

He wished the participants of the business forum active and fruitful work, establishing new business ties and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. “The Government of Belarus will provide the necessary support and create an enabling environment for this,” Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov assured.

Then Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov and his Moldovan counterpart unveiled the outcomes of the visit to Moldova by a delegation of the Minsk government at a news conference.
The two prime ministers showed confidence that the pragmatic and open discussions, held within the visit, would significantly contribute to strengthening the relations between the Moldovan and Belarusian governments.

“We deem Belarus as a priority regional partner, and during the meetings and discussions held within the visit, we found out the advanced character of the relations between Moldova and Belarus, which continue developing based on principles of friendship, respect and mutual support. The discussions we have on this occasion served as a good opportunity to consider in detail the Moldovan-Belarusian relations, as well as the future trends of cooperation on which we should focus our efforts. We have a good cooperation, yet, we can and we will do together more,” Pavel Filip said.

For his part, Prime minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov highlighted the dynamic character of the bilateral ties and voiced confidence that the agreements reached at the present visit would be carried out. “Moldova ranks fourth in the overall volume of the trade exchanges of Belarus. For its part, Belarus is among the first ten commercial and economic partners of Moldova and remains an important consumer of Moldovan goods. In figures, this means 25 per cent of the wine production and about ten per cent of the vegetables and fruits you are exporting,” the Belarusian Prime Minister said.  
Also today, at a ceremony held in the presence of Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Andrei Kobyakov, the sides signed more agreements and amendments to previously signed documents. The accords and amendments were agreed upon at the 17th meeting of the joint inter-governmental commission for commercial and economic cooperation. The documents are meant to boost cooperation in the fields of economy, industry, constructions and regional development, in promoting youth policies. The sides also signed a string of contracts on collaboration between enterprises from Moldova and Belarus. In particular, proceeding from the positive experience of a project on assembling of Belarusian trolley busses, the sides agreed to launch a similar project of assembling Belarusian MAZ busses in Chisinau.         

In the first seven months of this year, the trade exchanges between Moldova and Belarus has recorded a ten per cent growth, amounting to 150 million dollars.

A wide range of issues of the Belarusian-Moldovan cooperation was discussed by Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov and Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti in a meeting in Chisinau on 3 October.

“We must build the relations in such a way so that our peoples should feel it and benefit from it,” Nicolae Timofti said.

According to him, the relations between Belarus and Moldova have always been sincere, close and fruitful. “The commitments we have undertaken are honored. I believe we must build the relations on a bilateral basis. Then we will see what we want and what obligations we have towards each other,” the Moldovan president said. ​


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