from 18.08.2018

Belarus President has appointed new government members

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has appointed new government members. The personnel decisions were announced by the Belarusian head of state.

Sergei Rumas who had chaired the Development Bank of Belarus was appointed prime minister.

Alexander Turchin who had been head of the Council of Ministers Office was named first deputy prime minister. Igor Lyashenko was appointed deputy prime minister. “He is away on business now; he is in touch with the situation. He will be responsible for the matters that had been dealt with by Vladimir Semashko,” the president said. Before his new appointment Igor Lyashenko had led Belneftekhim Concern.

Vladimir Kukharev was also appointed new deputy premier. He used to work as Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee. “He will oversee construction, housing and utilities and transport. It is the basis. The government will advise you on how to distribute these responsibilities,” the president said.

Apart from that, Igor Petrishenko was appointed deputy premier. Before his new appointment, he had been Belarus’ Ambassador to Russia. He will be responsible for social matters – healthcare, education, culture and sport.

Dmitry Mikulenok was appointed minister of architecture and construction.

Pavel Utyupin was appointed industry minister. “You know this sphere of work. You worked in this field for five years. It is also very good that you have experience of working at the Economy Ministry as well. This experience will come in handy for you,” the Belarusian leader said.

Konstantin Shulgan was appointed communications and informatization minister. He is a disciplined person, from the military; he is very well familiar with this realm, in particular, development prospects of information technologies and the way to increase their share, the head of state said describing the new minister.

Dmitry Krutoi will lead the Economy Ministry. “I would like the Economy Ministry (you have carefully studied this organization) to get a new lease on life and adapt to the new reality. It is very important,” the president said.

The State Military Industry Committee will be chaired by Roman Golovchenko. “You worked there; you know this field very well. It is very good that you served as an ambassador in various countries. You have everything in place to work at the State Military Industry Committee,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

“These matters have been on the agenda for a long time. At least for me, the president. They have grown particularly relevant after the recent developments in the east of Belarus. I made a decision back then to refresh our government, in particular, what concerns the top officials. The head of the administration was instructed to hold consultations with respective officials and to explore the president’s candidate pool, to consult with civil society leaders of our country,” the head of state said.

“You know very well what the civil society in Belarus is. It is not those who walk in the squares and talk. These are heads of our women’s organization, the youth organization, trade unions and the veterans’ organization… I was informed that such consultations were held. As far as I know, those people from the candidate pool were upheld and approved,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

“I will not unroll any program for you. You know the agenda very well and you all contributed to the elaboration of this program, to say nothing of our new premier. This is a person who worked in various sectors. He has an opinion of his own. I respect this, I entrusted him many specific issues outside his purview and they were always accomplished,” the president said.

“I have great hope for you. We will soon approach the elections, both parliamentary and presidential elections, and they will put us to the test. I would never want to be rebuked for your bad work,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.

“You are fingers on my hands. Every finger hurts the same. You are my “children”. I am responsible for you,” the head of state said figuratively.


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus