from 24.03.2021

Vice premier outlines goals for Belarusian meat industry

Belarus Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Subbotin outlined the goals for the Belarusian meat industry as he spoke with journalists on the sidelines of the Belarus Meat Export Forum on 24 March.

“We are set to increase the output and export of agricultural products this year. We will focus both on crop farming and animal breeding. Of course, milk and beef will be the main growth drivers. Since prices for sugar and rapeseed are projected to increase worldwide, we will give a greater attention to these products,” Aleksandr Subbotin said.

According to him, the strategic goal for the meat industry is to expand presence in the traditional markets and gain a footing in new ones. “Last year, we exported around 400,000 tonnes. Belarusian products are well-known and enjoy demand abroad,” Aleksandr Subbotin stressed.

He also spoke about export diversification. “Russia is our main export market, but we are working to increase our presence in the Chinese market and are eyeing the markets of the Arab states and African countries. It is difficult to enter the European market, because European countries fiercely protect it, but we are trying to earn a good reputation on it as well,” the vice premier noted.

“We are also switching to making goods with high added value. They include not only sausage products but also smoked meat products, salted foods, and semi-finished products,” Aleksandr Subbotin added.


Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus